Our story

From the days of yore in Singapore, satay has been an integral part of
nightlife on this tropical island. Throngs of patrons would cluster by the
seafront where stalls upon stalls of satay sellers fill up the atmosphere
with undulating waves of fragrant smoke from the barbecue pits. A beer
in hand and a skewer of meat in the other, that was how many
Singaporeans spent their evenings with families and friends.

Today, Satay by the Bay brings back those fond memories for both locals
and tourists alike in an environment that is unparalleled. Nestled in the
quietest corner of Gardens by the Bay, this venue exudes the quaint
charm of the good old days by offering the widest selection of satay and
of course, an equally-tantalising choice of other foods to turn every
evening into a memorable one.

Dining at Satay by the Bay

Satay by the Bay is ingeniously designed to mimic a giant canopy that spreads over the venue, inviting the sea breeze to work its magic while patrons enjoy their food. With wide, spacious seating and a seemingly endless selection of stalls from local to regional and international food, you’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to savouring the best we have to offer!

Our Philosophy

We insist on only the freshest ingredients to bring back the good old
charm of enjoying satay on a cool, breezy evening. And we only invite the
finest of stall owners who have carved a reputation for themselves in the
market because we believe good food comes from the trained hands of
an experienced artisan.


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Beer, sake, wine and cocktails