Dive into the deep ocean and explore the delectable treasures from this stall as they serve up signature dishes such as white beehoon (vermicelli) and fresh seafood! Tables can be reserved upon request, so dial 9327 8743 and come on down!
Stall 1
Marina Live Seafood & Steamboat
Who doesn't love a good surf-and-turf from the sea? If barbecued seafood is your stuff, then head on down to Boon Tat BBQ Seafood Stall where a wide assortment of seafood awaits you – from all kinds of shellfish like scallops to even stingray!
Stall 5
Boon Tat BBQ Seafood
We are certainly not complaining about more seafood! Let seafood make your day with the stall’s signature dishes such as BBQ sambal stingray, Golden Fragrance crayfish and salted egg yolk crab. Done to perfection, you’ll come back for more!
Stall 9
Makan by the Bay
This is easily our biggest stall at the venue. Occupying four stall spaces, Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat Buffet caters to a wide-ranging customer base that go straight for their signature barbecued seafood! To reserve, please call 84880088.
Stall 12
Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat Buffet (Halal)
Nothing beats the classic barbecued chicken wing. This is the staple that must not be missed at all family gatherings and we are delighted to offer the same old taste at this stall!
Stall 18
BBQ Chicken Wing
Making the carrot cake from scatch , this is fried carrot cake definately give you ommph. Don't miss out the Fried Kway Teow as well.
Stall 20
Carrot Cake
This is a stall that needs no introduction. Steeped in family tradition, Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee takes pride in cooking their specialty using charcoal instead of conventional gas. Fresh prawns, succulent noodles, creamy eggs and of course, dried pork lard add to the magic of their famous dish!
Stall 22
Hokkien Mee
Thirsty for some fresh fruit juice after all those delectable delights? We’ve got you in mind. Simply swing by for wide range of beverages to quench your thirst. There’s even a selection of hot and cold dessert if you have a sweet tooth.
Stall 25
Fruits / Drinks / Dessert
Chill out and relax at this corner with your favourite beer in hand. Then order some crispy pork belly and stuffed mushroom for the perfect combination on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Do note that Western Food is not available on Tuesdays.
Stall 26
26 @ Marina Bar & Bistro
Straight from the city and into the heart of Satay by the Bay, this stall serves up a delectable range of skewered BBQ meat that are sure to tingle your taste buds!
City Satay
As the name suggests, you won’t go wrong with satay that has its roots in Geylang (Singapore’s iconic Malay neighbourhood). Have a chat with the stall owner while he prepares your food and find out more about Geylang!
Geylang Serai Satay


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